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Dec 18 2023Thus concludes 2023 Austin Scrabble meetings111539311532384.4There is a gift bag for Pat. Buy nice things for Pat!
Dec 11 2023King of the hill Jim9102617653382.6Jim earned King of the Club by taking a bye round 1 and then winning two. David Cole and Kevin Leeds undefeated 3-0.
Dec 4 2023December fourth111650112695396.7Valerie gave us all a Gel Blaster Pulse so we can shoot green goo at things to vent our frustration in case we lost our Scrabble game.
Nov 27 2023November twenty-seventh121637011569361.5Ruler of the Roost is Chris Canik again.
Nov 20 2023November twentieth9113828612391.5
Nov 13 2023November thirteenth8112618579390.0King of the Hill is Chris Canik, over Bob Bolender in the 3rd round.
Nov 6 2023November sixth8112918297377.1David Cole defeated Ed Gordon for Sovereign of the Meeting
Oct 30 2023Halloween Meeting!8102617533376.6Valerie celebrated by wearing a fabulous costume! I seem to remember that it was a witch? It was a sudden dramatic visitation, suddenly here and suddenly gone. I remember it happened while MY clock was running! Scrabble games are very important at the time.
Oct 23 2023Meeting Nearing Hallowe'en Holiday9112818694395.2David Z won the meeting! Halloween is a Scottish shorting of Allhalloweven and directly descended from Middle English and Old English terms for All Saints' Day, ironically.
Oct 16 2023October sixteenth 2023111435410812386.1Maybe we could have "bye" slips to track which players ended up sitting out a round when the number of players is odd.
Oct 9 2023Oct 9, 2023121627311867370.8The weather is cooling off!
Oct 2 2023October second 2023131737312621371.2In round one, two different games featured the word FORAGES
Sep 25 2023Sept 25, 2023121436110344369.4We try to update when appropriate (especially if we will be at Jason's Deli instead of Pat's Games)
Sep 18 2023Sept 18 2023121745213371393.3world war I ended about 105 years ago!
Sep 11 2023Sept 11 2023121638111774367.9Looks like Chris Canik and David Cole were undefeated. Looks like Chris put "ME" for his name on one of his score sheets but on the back he put "C" for the bingos so I think it was Chris
Sep 4 2023Labor Day Evening Meeting101335110021385.4we normally meet in the evening on mondays now. Some people lost scrabble games. it can be upsetting to lose a scrabble game after trying so hard to win! we all lose sometimes, so have some empathy for the loser, but not until after the game is over!
Aug 28 2023David Z and Chris C both went 3-0121741112787376.1Excellent meeting at Pat's Games. Jim H is often courteous in volunteering to sit out a game.
Aug 21 2023Welcome, new player Meghan G131835413086363.5New players are encouraged to learn new two-letter and three-letter words and their hooks, in order to beat Kevin, because he is mean! This meeting took place at Jason's Deli, surprisingly to some, although Jim did announce it. Some people forgot it was announced, sorry!
Aug 14 2023Nine people , so one player volunteers to play two games at once9133239821377.7To play two games at once involves a lot of fast thinking.
Aug 7 2023August 7th. It's been a hot summer121636011659364.3Bob Bolender 3-0 +541, David Cole 3-0 +297 Is it a monarchy or a diarchy?
Jul 31 2023It's great to meet on Mondays again10133339419362.3King of the Hill is David Zuckerman. Way to go!
Jul 24 2023Wonderful meeting!152055115446386.1We had visitors! Maria Smith and Matthew DeWaelsche from San Antonio. But, visitors? They're at home here! What was I thinking.
Jul 17 2023Meeting at Jason's Deli791736856380.9is our club disfunctional? i feel like we need a better way to remind everyone when we meet at Jason's Deli. Jim announced it on 7/10 or 7/5 or both and Jim made a post on Facebook about it. This time we were out by 10pm! Seven people showed up. One player was tortured by a staircase board.
Jul 10 2023Twelve people! eighteen games111636612349385.9We are having meetings on Monday again! Pat's Games is trusting us.
Jul 5 2023The last Wednesday meeting. Next week 7/10 Mondays111636312030375.9
Jun 28 2023June twenty-eighth, 2023101436310788385.3
Jun 21 2023June twenty-first, 20238113018347379.4Eleven games, eight players. Winner of the round robin: David Cole!
Jun 14 2023Meeting June 14 , 20238102207560378.0The result slips have been found! Top of the Hill: David Cole.
Jun 7 2023June seventh, 2023131835213024361.8Twelve players, eighteen games
May 31 2023May 31, 202310122719081378.4Congratulations! Jim Hughes wins the King of the Hill in an 8-player bracket pairing. Maybe the site can show the KOTH each week.
May 24 2023Wednesday, May 24th 2023 111537011111370.4Queen of the Hill Anna Talarico! Congratulations!
May 17 2023May Seventeenth, 20238121918929372.0
May 10 2023Matt Canik going far away. Thin envelope because of thin result slips891626807378.2Matt Canik is one of our greatest players ever in the club - Geoff Thevenot is another one who played here often. Both are top-notch players in North America and for Geoff, in the world.
May 3 2023May 5th, 2023 Fourteen games121532211375379.2
Apr 26 2023April 26, 2023 Fourteen games101427110274366.9
Apr 19 2023April 19, 2023101430210817386.3There is a new player named Sheryl or Cheryl
Apr 12 2023April 12, 2023121848213870385.3
Apr 5 2023April 5, 2023111440411045394.5
Mar 29 2023A meeting three months ago111637111851370.3Data Entry person has been slacking
Mar 22 2023March Twenty-Second, 20239123219545397.7
Mar 15 2023Wednesday, Fifteenth of March, 2023101430210513375.5
Mar 8 2023Wednesday, March Eighth101335610317396.8A nice web site for Word of the Day, from our umbrella organization NASPA
Mar 1 2023Great Meeting111641212264383.2Something about the meeting!
Feb 22 2023Enjoyable meeting111635211884371.4There's much to enjoy at an Austin Scrabble Club meeting.
Feb 15 2023Much happy scrabble11122618846368.6Post- ice storm meeting. So many trees had so much ice!
Feb 8 2023Meeting of confusing results?141532111430381.0Players are so excited about the points and the bonus squares and the bingos and winning that they forget about time! What round is it? What date is it? Time has ceased to exist!
Jan 25 2023Big meeting13133019767375.7Many people were at the meeting (at least twelve.)
Jan 18 2023We're joined by Joe Gaspard from Minneapolis, MN111640412665395.8
Jan 11 2023Sarah Directed! Jim was away9122428850368.8Sarah Clancy ran the meeting! Our director had a corporate meeting at Cancun. There is a Cajun card game named COONCAN or CONQUIAN, which is Cancun backwards.
Jan 4 2023Happy Scrabble 2023!9112328380380.9If we were good we would have Awards! Cesar Jaramillo had awards for us and Geoff Thevenot did too, so maybe we can get together some awards for 2023.
Annual Statistics for 2023
Total meetings: 50
Average players per meeting: 10.5
Total games: 698
Total bingos: 1657 (Bonus Plays, for you International people!)
Total phony bingos: 96 (they could have been Challenged Off but they weren't)
Total score for all those games: 528767
Average bingos per game: 33.14
Average score/game for all those: 378.8
Number of individuals who appeared at our club: 40