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Dec 28 2022Happy New Year!9111607776353.5
Dec 21 2022Scrabble Reunion Annual Latkes131630211944373.2Aaron Arnold made us latkes! It's great to have a bigger group - Jean McArthur, Annie Possis, David Zuckerman back from his Harvard sabbatical, and newest players Gigi and Antonio and more. Happy Holidays!
Dec 14 2022Tonight about seven people. The game is afoot! 7112317819355.4There have been some issues! An C or an O? was found on the floor for several days, and a Pat's Games employee found it and returned it to us. Such excellent hosts!
Dec 7 2022We had a team match!91337110023385.5Jim H and Chris Canik were captains. Jim H, David Cole, Sarah Clancy, and Jose Sabido vs. Chris Canik, Kathy, Aaron, and Kevin with Navya subbing in for Aaron for one game. Results Team Chris 8 - Team Jim 4
Nov 30 2022Nancy Drew and the Mixed-Up Papers8123419234384.8Result slips were temporarily lost in a pile of papers while data entry man was engaged in solving a Clue in a Crossword Cipher
Nov 23 2022Txgiving Meeting561714641386.8It's the season for Gratitude and Acceptance. So we can have GRATITUDE for our [][]SSSSQXZJK and our balanced racks and our wins, and Acceptance when we have uuuvvww, and Grace whether we win or lose. There were just five of us.
Nov 16 2022Meeting of the Minds91333310082387.8Anna made AQUADUCT for 106 points, and Aaron made TRAPEZES. Jim made "jeremins", but that's not anything!
Nov 9 2022Game with Different Result Slips8123139066377.8Jim Hughes, our Great Leader, was not present, and we didn't use the right result slips. Other than that, it was great!
Nov 2 2022Post-Doubleheader meeting8123309168382.0There was a pair of exciting tournaments last weekend, Oct 29 and 30. There was a hawk! Saturday evening was one tournament and the other was Sunday. We had fun!
Oct 26 2022Happy Halloween!101535111090369.7We all dressed up as scrabble players!
Oct 19 2022Long-Awaited-Results Meeting791916607367.1We think our tsouris with the website has concluded, and now it will be smooth sailing. Perfectly fine meeting.
Oct 12 2022Why does every meeting need a title!9132729406361.8A description for the meeting on October 12, 2022
Oct 5 2022Take notice! There are Austin tournaments Sat eve & Sunday, October 29 & 30 101431110358369.9The tournament is listed on The meeting was fine. David Cole has been showing up strong recently.
Sep 28 2022We had an enneadic nonary111635111679365.0Nine wonderful Scrabble players playing! Is it a toy? is it a game? is it a sport? There is nothing else like this game!
Sep 21 2022Eight fun players relished playing with gusto!8123108951373.0If you have the Zyzzyva software (from on your desktop computer, you can look up words by definition keyword! it's great to enjoy!
Sep 14 2022Nice Meeting! There were a lot of -ING bingos!111530111170372.3Six -ING bingos and five AEI bingos for the meeting, including bingo that was both (EARNING)! Someone left a nice looking water bottle. Last week we only had an informal meeting outdoors since the usual space was occupied by a Magic pre-release event.
Aug 31 2022With this meeting, there came a time of coolness and rain, bringing welcome relief from the long hot101538311516383.9There was a Magic (MTG) player boasting about how much money he was spending on some pretend magical card. Scrabble players, we're different - we have all the magic we need!
Aug 24 2022We had eleven people! - Jim Hughes is a hero.111838513716381.0Good to see Mary again, who hadn't been there for a while and Ed Gordon too, and also everyone else.
Aug 17 2022Special Team Competition meeting!101535211080369.3We had two captains, and took turns picking a team member to add to the team. Then in each round, one of the two captains decided on the match-ups, with no repeats. First round Team Jean was 4-1! but in second round, Team Kevin swept! and in the last round, Team Kevin surged ahead to win the contest.
Aug 10 2022Meeting has frequent phonies from a few individuals!8123059581399.2Happy meeting!
Aug 3 2022Small meeting. Welcome new member!45903630363.0We have a new person come play!
Jul 27 2022Chris Canik has reappeared! In 2007 he won the 3rd division at the Nationals ($2,000 prize! 9122919078378.2In the first round Kevin drew the Swamp and played the puzzles on while he waited
Jul 20 2022The SPC - Scrabble Players Championship - is this week!9132919965383.3The tournament is in Baltimore this year. Find out more on the web site. There is live streaming on Twitch from something called the "Scrabble" channel. You can spend all Saturday 7/23 thru Weds watching the games with cameras and narration by local hero Matt Canik.
Jul 13 2022There is a new food truck101533211359378.6A food truck appeared outside Pat's Games. Pat's Games is getting a lot more decorations! I think the new food truck is called Redfish. (My second guess is Redfin, but that seems impossible.)
Jul 6 2022Something exciting and interesting7102117580379.0
Jun 29 2022Happy Pride Month, everybody!101537011115370.5There are ten people. Every meeting, every moment, every scrabble game is unique and precious in the universe!
Jun 22 2022Meeting with Ten People111528010862362.1We are glad when people play the orthogonal word game with us!
Jun 15 2022A completely unique meeting791836708372.7
Jun 8 2022A somewhat typical meeting682006121382.6
Jun 1 2022Fairly typical meeting7102117440372.0High score David Zuckerman 559!
May 25 2022Quiet fun meeting682136194387.1Pat's Games is bustling with MTG players. 3M makes great ear plugs! I bought 100 pairs to share!
May 18 2022Gang of Seven - Magic Pairings792547091393.9It's just a meeting with seven players. First round we picked Magic cards in Terrain categories so Water matches Water, Mountain matches Mountain, Island matches Island, and Swamp has to sit out :(
May 4 2022Pat's Games121741113060384.1Pat's Games renovations are continuing and the look of the place is improving by leaps and bounds!
Apr 28 2022Scrabble Club Meeting8102607628381.4Tournament in Waco this weekend! Welcome back, John Dowaliby!
Apr 20 2022Scrabble Club Meeting8113028460384.5Welcome to the club : Anirudha! Glad to have you!
Apr 13 2022Happy Scrabble Day!91337110089388.0Our club is beautiful! Group photo made it to NASPA newsletter fame
Apr 6 2022The Return of Jean9122749275386.5Jean returned from her trip to Spain and wore her new imported eyeglasses! Nice frame, Jean!
Mar 30 2022Meeting not the same without Jim Hughes9122629123380.1We had to do a long arm reach to be able to get the equipment from the cabinet, because the floor was being painted
Mar 23 2022Ten-person meeting10142829518339.9Missing result slip round 3 somewhere between Sarah, Ed Gordon, and Valerie. And the slip for Valerie over Jim round 2 needs the scores. Kevin got tuckered out round 3
Mar 16 2022Another 8-way bracket tournament!8123329651402.1Happy to have a nice bunch of players.
Mar 9 2022Eight attended, so we had a bracket tournament again!8122939363390.1Sarah Clancy won all three games to emerge the Champion.
Mar 2 2022Meeting with the Floor Being Painted8123549664402.7Pat's Games is being upgraded! People were not supposed to walk on the painted floor while it dried and we succeeded in not walking on a large portion of it.
Feb 23 2022Elite Eight8123149262385.9With 8 players present, Jim Hughes created a bracket tournament to determine the Austin Scrabble Club King for this week. Scrabble is Good!
Feb 16 2022Welcome back, April McCarley and Annie Prossis101538211287376.2The more Scrabble, the better!
Feb 9 2022Meeting of Six - Icy week791936455358.6I think it was Monday that the roads were kind of too icy to drive. Pretty good layer of ice on the car, so we weren't sure whether the ice would break before the door handle
Feb 2 2022Meeting with major legit Scrabble expert visitor8123329128380.3John Karris visited! He is really legit! 600 tournaments, 5300+ tournament games, rating 1778, 13 times at a national tournament
Jan 26 2022Kevinless meeting9122238868369.5The data entry personnel attempt not to be self-centered! Glad to see 8 people made it! Scrabble is Good.
Jan 19 2022Meeting with Polar Bearlike Dog Mascot8122839193383.0the Pat's Games mascot, a big white (light yellow) dog, was keeping us company, lying by the fireplace.
Jan 12 2022Second Wednesday Meeting8122518597358.2Again we are open for Magic the Gathering customers and we wear masks while we play
Jan 5 2022Happy New Year!9122828825367.7Every year, like every Scrabble game, is its own glorious adventure!
Annual Statistics for 2022
Total meetings: 50
Average players per meeting: 8.6
Total games: 610
Total bingos: 1430 (Bonus Plays, for you International people!)
Total phony bingos: 91 (they could have been Challenged Off but they weren't)
Total score for all those games: 459496
Average bingos per game: 28.60
Average score/game for all those: 376.6
Number of individuals who appeared at our club: 29