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Dec 27 2021A fitting end to a fine year of ATX Scrabble club meetings!101628211977374.3Seems like we're missing a result slip for round 1, Aaron and Valerie
Dec 20 2021Vaccinated Meeting #259122829279386.6Nine people came
Dec 13 2021Post-Tournament Meeting691806471359.5Kevin came in 3rd and then crashed into a car
Dec 6 2021Tournament this weekend!101529311364378.8Austin is hosting a tournament Dec 11-12 this year!
Nov 29 2021Some even have booster shots!111535411626387.5Welcome, Joe South! Kudos to David Z and Sarah C for going undefeated this week.
Nov 15 2021Two new people came!10132539173352.8We are glad when new people come to play with us! Welcome Karen and Valerie!
Nov 8 2021There're only about 8 more meetings this year!9122419069377.9
Nov 1 2021Wonderful Vaccinated Meeting #207102137641382.1Kevin made us odd. Round numbering is adjusted since Aaron played against two people in round two. So round three includes one of those games and there is a round four with three games.
Oct 25 2021Very Great Vaccinated Meeting #19111539311428380.9We had ELEVEN people! Matt DeWaelsche and Mariah made it up here from San Antonio club. Anna G returned from adventures. There is a Dallas tournament Saturday Dec 6 at 10PM and we plan to have a car going up there.
Oct 18 2021Eighteenth Vaccinated Meeting8123219202383.4David Cole goes undefeated again!
Oct 11 2021Seventeenth Vaccinated Meeting8102917952397.6Just another vaccinated meeting, I guess
Oct 4 2021Sixteenth Vaccinated Meeting792506944385.8There are actually vaccinated tournaments on the tournament schedule now!
Sep 27 2021Fifteenth Vaccinated Meeting101541211521384.0There have been so many vaccinated meetings that it is difficult to keep count
Sep 20 2021Fourteenth Vaccinated Meeting791616797377.6On result slip please include round! and which Dave it is!
Sep 13 2021Thirteenth Vaccinated Meeting8122919418392.4if thirteen is unlucky then someone will have the delta variant
Sep 6 2021Twelfth Vaccinated Meeting791736736374.2Almost caught up with data entry!
Aug 30 2021Eleventh Vaccinated Meeting8122719255385.6
Aug 23 2021Tenth Vaccinated Meeting561824817401.4
Aug 16 20219th Vaccinated Meeting792617186399.2
Aug 9 20218th Vaccinated Meeting9132829378360.7High score of the night : Sarah with 553
Aug 2 20217th Vaccinated Meeting8102507520376.0Missing result slip for Jim H & David Z
Jul 26 20216th Vaccinated Meeting9123009344389.3
Jul 19 2021Vaccinated 5101634212308384.6missing result slip for Jim and Matt D round 2
Jul 12 2021Vaccinated 4121438310902389.4entered data Sept 4
Jul 5 2021Vaccinated 3101333210112388.9data entered Sept 4
Jun 28 2021Vaccinated People Meeting 29111717789354.0
Jun 21 2021We're Vaccinated!691306603366.8First in-person meeting since our (first) Covid-19 haitus.
Annual Statistics for 2021
Total meetings: 27
Average players per meeting: 8.6
Total games: 318
Total bingos: 725 (Bonus Plays, for you International people!)
Total phony bingos: 44 (they could have been Challenged Off but they weren't)
Total score for all those games: 241812
Average bingos per game: 26.85
Average score/game for all those: 380.2
Number of individuals who appeared at our club: 23