Meeting 2023-07-17

Meeting at Jason's Deli
is our club disfunctional? i feel like we need a better way to remind everyone when we meet at Jason's Deli. Jim announced it on 7/10 or 7/5 or both and Jim made a post on Facebook about it. This time we were out by 10pm! Seven people showed up. One player was tortured by a staircase board.

Scroll down! there are three tables: Player totals, Bingo list, and Game Listing. and click a column header to sort.

Player Totals

Player Games (CSW) Wins Spread Total score Valid Bingos Phony Bingos Invented Bingos Collins-Only Bingos
Leeds, Kevin 2 (0) 2 244 851 4 0 0 0
Canik, Chris 2 (0) 2 192 893 5 1 1 0
Bolender, Bob II 3 (0) 2 140 1206 2 1 1 0
Talarico, Anna 3 (0) 2 3 1168 2 0 0 0
Cole, David 3 (0) 1 -145 1053 2 0 0 0
Feierstein, Lisa 2 (0) 0 -178 646 1 0 0 0
Michalecki, Valerie 3 (0) 0 -256 1039 1 1 1 0

Bingo List

(EM)PANElsvalidboth blanks. in many fonts a lower case L looks like an upper case I.Leeds, Kevin3
COLLATEDvalidTalarico, Anna1
CONFUSER*phony,inventedIt makes FROUNCES ! Maybe in Harry Potter? Something less dangerous than a "Dementor"?Michalecki, Valerie3
CREATINEvalidMichalecki, Valerie1
DECENCYvalidLeeds, Kevin1
DENOTiNGvalidCanik, Chris2
EFFeTELYvalidChris taught me a word!Canik, Chris3
ENDITER*phony,inventedGo to and find deeinrt in pageCanik, Chris3
ETHIONSvalidLeeds, Kevin1
fAIRIESvalidBolender, Bob II3
FEASTERvalidCole, David1
HEARTENSvalidLeeds, Kevin3
ITALICSvalidCanik, Chris2
OVERTOnEvalidCanik, Chris2
PENNANCE*phony,inventedThis isn't how to spell it!Bolender, Bob II2
RESIDINGvalidCanik, Chris3
STARTLEvalidBolender, Bob II2
TIPSIESTvalidCole, David1
TOTALEDvalidTalarico, Anna2

Game List

Round Non-Loser Score Victory Margin Score Non-Winner Game Total Lexicon Comment
1Cole, David44286356Michalecki, Valerie798TWL
1Bolender, Bob II404123281Feierstein, Lisa685TWLI guess the bingos are missing from the slip. we have to write them on the back
1Leeds, Kevin43190341Talarico, Anna772TWL
2Bolender, Bob II446132314Michalecki, Valerie760TWL
2Talarico, Anna42055365Feierstein, Lisa785TWL
2Canik, Chris42277345Cole, David767TWL
3Talarico, Anna40738369Michalecki, Valerie776TWL
3Canik, Chris471115356Bolender, Bob II827TWLrid-teen Tom Brokaw's Ax and SUV - They're out of date so check it in Zyzzyva (
3Leeds, Kevin420154266Cole, David686TWLIn this game Kevin drew and played eleven E's and David Cole had the twelfth E on his rack when the game ended.