Meeting 2022-06-22

Meeting with Ten People
We are glad when people play the orthogonal word game with us!

Scroll down! there are three tables: Player totals, Bingo list, and Game Listing. and click a column header to sort.

Player Totals

Player Games (CSW) Wins Spread Total score Valid Bingos Phony Bingos Invented Bingos Collins-Only Bingos
Leeds, Kevin 3 (0) 3 283 1230 7 0 0 0
Arnold, Aaron 3 (0) 2 260 995 1 0 0 0
Clancy, Sarah 3 (0) 2 47 1211 5 0 0 0
Michalecki, Valerie 3 (0) 2 35 1046 0 0 0 0
McArthur, Jean 1 (0) 1 9 455 3 0 0 0
Hughes, Jimbeaux 3 (0) 1 136 1143 4 0 0 0
Cole, David 3 (0) 1 -13 1213 3 0 0 0
Gordon, Edward 3 (0) 1 -18 1116 2 0 0 0
Zuckerman, David 3 (0) 1 -102 1185 3 0 0 0
Talarico, Anna 3 (0) 1 -327 742 0 0 0 0
Cox, Kathy 2 (0) 0 -310 526 0 0 0 0

Bingo List

AREOLASvalidHughes, Jimbeaux2
CRESTINGvalidthe E was a giftLeeds, Kevin3
dOLPHINvalidLeeds, Kevin1
ERECTORvalidClancy, Sarah3
FLANKINGvalidZuckerman, David2
INBURSTvalidNoun, the act of bursting inwardCole, David2
LIVENERvalidClancy, Sarah3
LIZARDSvalidZuckerman, David1
NASTIESTvalidHughes, Jimbeaux1
ORDINATEvalidZuckerman, David1
PINTOESvalidGordon, Edward2
PRATTLERvalidClancy, Sarah1
RATANIESvalidRatany or RHATANY is a South African shrub with bright violet flowersLeeds, Kevin1
RECITEDvalidLeeds, Kevin3
RESTAMPvalidGordon, Edward3
RETINASvalidLeeds, Kevin2
RUINATEDvalidLeeds, Kevin3
SANDIERvalidArnold, Aaron2
SCANNERvalidClancy, Sarah1
SIXTEENSvalidCole, David3
STEERERSvalidthat T must feel lonely Hughes, Jimbeaux3
STENTORvalidCole, David1
TENAILSvalidMcArthur, Jean1
TINTERSvalidHughes, Jimbeaux3
TRIFLEDvalidMcArthur, Jean1
TUNICAEvalidLeeds, Kevin1
UNCOVERvalidMcArthur, Jean1
WELCOMEvalidClancy, Sarah1

Game List

Round Non-Loser Score Victory Margin Score Non-Winner Game Total Lexicon Comment
1Michalecki, Valerie36357306Arnold, Aaron669TWLValerie feels especially happy when she wins!
1Talarico, Anna36439325Gordon, Edward689TWLAnna is awesome and she won!
1Clancy, Sarah47120451Zuckerman, David922TWL922 is a somewhat high number of points for one game. All the people in our club are awesome!
1Leeds, Kevin39981318Hughes, Jimbeaux717TWLKevin won this one but next week Jim will get revenge
1McArthur, Jean4559446Cole, David901TWL901 total score is rather a lot of points. Jean and David Cole are both awesome, but in different ways!
2Leeds, Kevin38071309Clancy, Sarah689TWLSarah is a very good scrabble player! Kevin might be the best player in the club but Dave C. imight be better at bingos
2Michalecki, Valerie35076274Cox, Kathy624TWL
2Arnold, Aaron35617339Hughes, Jimbeaux695TWLI can not begin to describe how awesome Jim and Aaron are!
2Zuckerman, David41449365Gordon, Edward779TWLDavid Z is an awesome computer scientist man and Ed is an amazing awesome man in many ways!
2Cole, David41166345Talarico, Anna756TWLThese two awesome players ... what can I say, their orthogonal word game skills speak for themselves!
3Gordon, Edward42670356Cole, David782TWLThese two players are both very good at playing the orthogonal word game!
3Clancy, Sarah43198333Michalecki, Valerie764TWLQuite excellent game!
3Leeds, Kevin451131320Zuckerman, David771TWLI think this was the game where Dr. Zuckerman didn't get any Ses except maybe one near end, on a board that was begging for Ses
3Arnold, Aaron33330033Talarico, Anna366TWLThe game was tied! our result slips don't really work for that & neither does kevin's awkward database that well
3Hughes, Jimbeaux486234252Cox, Kathy738TWLKathy loves to play Scrabble and we suspect that she is awesome.