Meeting 2022-02-23

Elite Eight
With 8 players present, Jim Hughes created a bracket tournament to determine the Austin Scrabble Club King for this week. Scrabble is Good!

Scroll down! there are three tables: Player totals, Bingo list, and Game Listing. and click a column header to sort.

Player Totals

Player Games (CSW) Wins Spread Total score Valid Bingos Phony Bingos Invented Bingos Collins-Only Bingos
Leeds, Kevin 3 (0) 3 517 1432 7 1 1 0
Cole, David 3 (0) 2 68 1259 6 1 1 0
Zuckerman, David 3 (0) 2 46 1243 6 0 0 0
Hughes, Jimbeaux 3 (0) 2 18 1131 2 1 1 0
Gavino, Jopert 3 (0) 1 -21 1161 4 0 0 0
Talarico, Anna 3 (0) 1 -42 1102 2 1 1 0
Clancy, Sarah 3 (0) 1 -313 1041 3 0 0 0
Michalecki, Valerie 3 (0) 0 -273 893 1 0 0 0

Bingo List

BELONGSvalidCole, David2
COATEESvalida small coatCole, David1
FALT(E)REDvalidLeeds, Kevin3
GUINEASvalidZuckerman, David3
INDOLESvalidChem. - a bicyclic structure, ... six-membered benzene ring fused to a five-membered pyrrole ringClancy, Sarah1
LANDERSvalidZuckerman, David2
MANURESvalidZuckerman, David3
MARLINESvalidLeeds, Kevin3
MASKERSvalidZuckerman, David1
MISACTEDvalidCole, David2
NITRILESvalidGavino, Jopert2
OVU?ATEvalidLeeds, Kevin3
p(E)DASTAL*phony,inventedSarah knew how to spell it. Kevin decided this spelling was right so played it naturally. D(E)ALAtESLeeds, Kevin2
PANIERSvalidCole, David3
PLAINeRvalidLeeds, Kevin2
REALIZEvalidLeeds, Kevin1
ROMANTICvalidIt has a lot of meanings - It came from a French word, ROMAUNT, a long tale, - first used 1650Hughes, Jimbeaux1
SENSINGvalidSENSE verb - in Collins SENSINGS#Talarico, Anna2
SLATTERNvalida noun - google book search results are amusingLeeds, Kevin2
SOPRANIvalidCole, David3
SOUTANEvalida CASSOCK - long garment worn by CLERGYMENClancy, Sarah1
SPINATEvalidbearing thorns (PANTIE, PATINES, SAPIENT - make a sentence out of these for fun!)Gavino, Jopert3
STRINGSvalidThe same word Joel Sherman used to beat Nigel Richards in the 2018 NASCMichalecki, Valerie2
SYRINGEvalidClancy, Sarah3
TARDIESTvalidZuckerman, David3
TAURINEvalidLeeds, Kevin1
TORULAEvalidTORULA: A genus of MUCEDINOUS# fungi, having DECUMBENT sterile HYPHAE and CONIDIA ...Gavino, Jopert1
TRAINEESvalidCole, David2
TREADINGvalidZuckerman, David1
UNEASESvalidUNEASE is a noun (also AENEUS, which is also AENEOUS, having a greenish gold color)Hughes, Jimbeaux2
UNEAVED*phony,inventedObscure - When a tornado tears away the eaves. There's UNWEAVE and UNREAVE#Talarico, Anna3
UNSPENTvalidGavino, Jopert1
WINTERSvalidTalarico, Anna1
WORSTEN*phony,inventedAdd B,C,G,or K to have an 8 letter bingo (BESTROWN, BROWNEST, CROWNETS, WRONGEST, NETWORKS)Hughes, Jimbeaux3

Game List

Round Non-Loser Score Victory Margin Score Non-Winner Game Total Lexicon Comment
1Zuckerman, David42545380Talarico, Anna805TWLElite Eight, third seed versus sixth
1Cole, David40622384Gavino, Jopert790TWLElite Eight, second seed vs seventh
1Leeds, Kevin448210238Michalecki, Valerie686TWLElite Eight, first seed vs eighth
1Clancy, Sarah40041359Hughes, Jimbeaux759TWLElite 8, fourth vs fifth seeds
2Leeds, Kevin482205277Clancy, Sarah759TWLSecond round, W bracket, seed 1 vs seed 5
2Hughes, Jimbeaux38053327Michalecki, Valerie707TWLSecond round, L bracket, seed 4 vs seed 8
2Gavino, Jopert3917384Talarico, Anna775TWLRound 2, L bracke, seed 6 vs seed 7
2Cole, David453148305Zuckerman, David758TWLSecond round, W bracket, seed 2 vs seed 3
3Talarico, Anna33810328Michalecki, Valerie666TWL3nd round, LL bracket, 6th seed vs 8th
3Hughes, Jimbeaux3926386Gavino, Jopert778TWL3rd round, LL bracket, 4th seed vs 7th seed
3Zuckerman, David513149364Clancy, Sarah877TWL3rd round, WL bracket, 3rd seed vs 5th seed
3Leeds, Kevin502102400Cole, David902TWLRound 3, WW bracket, seed 1 vs 2, very grand!