Meeting 2021-11-01

Wonderful Vaccinated Meeting #20
Kevin made us odd. Round numbering is adjusted since Aaron played against two people in round two. So round three includes one of those games and there is a round four with three games.

Scroll down! there are three tables: Player totals, Bingo list, and Game Listing. and click a column header to sort.

Player Totals

Player Games (CSW) Wins Spread Total score Valid Bingos Phony Bingos Invented Bingos Collins-Only Bingos
Leeds, Kevin 2 (0) 2 212 925 3 1 1 0
Zuckerman, David 3 (0) 2 289 1379 6 1 1 0
Cole, David 3 (0) 2 73 1188 3 0 0 0
Gordon, Edward 3 (0) 1 23 1041 1 1 1 0
Clancy, Sarah 3 (0) 1 -71 1047 2 0 0 0
Hughes, Jimbeaux 3 (0) 1 -176 1094 3 0 0 0
Arnold, Aaron 3 (0) 1 -350 967 3 0 0 0

Bingo List

AMENITYvalidClancy, Sarah4
ARCSINEvalidZuckerman, David1
BAGATEL*phony,inventedIt's bagatelle, an unimportant thing, a trifle, or a short light piece of musicGordon, Edward4
CINEASTEvalidA movie personCole, David2
EATERIESvalidAaron got a ton of Es before thisArnold, Aaron2
ERASUREvalidClancy, Sarah1
GANTLETvalid1. Section of railroad where two tracks overlap 2. US spelling of gauntletLeeds, Kevin4
GLEAMEDvalidZuckerman, David2
ISOTONEvalidIsotones, Isotonic, Isotonicity, IsotonicallyCole, David1
MIDRANgED*phony,inventedCould have made MIDLANDErZuckerman, David4
OUTDREWvalidHughes, Jimbeaux1
OUTSIdEvalidLeeds, Kevin4
PANNIERvalidhooked AULD to make AULDE*Zuckerman, David4
PEDANTSvalidHughes, Jimbeaux1109
PELTINGvalidZuckerman, David1
PERSONAvalidtook advantage of a hook on triple laneLeeds, Kevin4
PURLNIOED*phony,inventedPURL[OIN]ED, nobody noticedLeeds, Kevin2
REFINERvalidHughes, Jimbeaux1
SANTERIAvalidZuckerman, David2
SAUTEEDvalidArnold, Aaron3
SERVANTvalidCole, David2
SUDSINGvalidWashing in soapy waterGordon, Edward4
TELLERSvalidArnold, Aaron3
TORCHEDvalidZuckerman, David1

Game List

Round Non-Loser Score Victory Margin Score Non-Winner Game Total Lexicon Comment
1Hughes, Jimbeaux46484380Cole, David844TWLDavid forgot to notice towards the end that the tile bag was getting empty. This problem can be overcome this with more competitive Scrabble experience.
1Zuckerman, David510268242Arnold, Aaron752TWL
1Clancy, Sarah34462282Gordon, Edward626TWL
2Leeds, Kevin453176277Arnold, Aaron730TWLAaron played two games at once
2Zuckerman, David43357376Hughes, Jimbeaux809TWL
2Cole, David420118302Gordon, Edward722TWL
3Arnold, Aaron44894354Clancy, Sarah802TWLAaron played two games at once in round 2
4Leeds, Kevin47236436Zuckerman, David908TWLEntertaining game
4Cole, David38839349Clancy, Sarah737TWL
4Gordon, Edward457203254Hughes, Jimbeaux711TWL