Meeting 2019-12-30

Time for a New Digit in the Date
Jim did pairings. Couldn't any point in time be considered as the ending of the 10-year period preceding? Our numerical labeling of the years and months is merely an arbitrary convention!

Scroll down! there are three tables: Player totals, Bingo list, and Game Listing. and click a column header to sort.

Player Totals

Player Games (CSW) Wins Spread Total score Valid Bingos Phony Bingos Invented Bingos Collins-Only Bingos
Leeds, Kevin 4 (0) 3 567 1927 9 1 0 1
Zuckerman, David 3 (0) 2 170 1199 4 1 0 1
Hughes, Jimbeaux 3 (0) 2 31 1147 4 0 0 0
Clancy, Sarah 3 (0) 1 -86 1071 2 0 0 0
Cole, David 3 (0) 1 -236 1019 4 0 0 0
Bolender, Bob II 4 (0) 1 -446 1390 3 0 0 0

Bingo List

AMENITYvalidLeeds, Kevin3
APIARIESvalidthere are 5 vowels hereHughes, Jimbeaux1
BETANIESvalidCole, David3
BREVITEDvalidBREVET, to confer an honorary rank uponCole, David3
CLITORISvalid1st turn, could have been LICTORS Leeds, Kevin2
CRANNIESvalidit does not mean cranberries. it means nooks and cranniesClancy, Sarah1
DAINTIESvalidone-track mindLeeds, Kevin2
ENTASIAvalidZuckerman, David2
FEEBLES#phony,collins-onlyThis word has been used by skateboarders and also in a review of Goin' South (with Jack Nicholson)Leeds, Kevin3
FIELDERSvalidClancy, Sarah3
GEODESICvalida beautiful mathematical conceptHughes, Jimbeaux3
HARDENSvalidZuckerman, David1
INTITLESvalidLeeds, Kevin3
KINDESTvalidBolender, Bob II0
LEAVENSvalidBolender, Bob II2
MINSTRELvalidHughes, Jimbeaux1
MISTERSvalidZuckerman, David3
MOONIERvalidHughes, Jimbeaux2
NESTINGvalidNESTINGS# (People are using a different symbol for collins-only: £ NESTINGS£)Leeds, Kevin1
REASONEDvalidLeeds, Kevin0
RETINUESvalidCole, David2
SLAVEREDvalidnatural through LLeeds, Kevin0194
STRUTTEDvalidwhat she did when she wonBolender, Bob II1
TAILBONEvalidcollaborative effortCole, David2
TOASTERvalidZuckerman, David1
TOYLIKEvalidLeeds, Kevin0
UNRINGED#phony,collins-onlyENDURINGZuckerman, David3
URETHrAvalidH on triple letter 2wsLeeds, Kevin2

Game List

Round Non-Loser Score Victory Margin Score Non-Winner Game Total Lexicon Comment
0Leeds, Kevin628319309Bolender, Bob II937TWL
1Hughes, Jimbeaux41835383Leeds, Kevin801TWL
1Zuckerman, David415140275Cole, David690TWL
1Clancy, Sarah40636370Bolender, Bob II776TWL
2Hughes, Jimbeaux36766301Clancy, Sarah668TWL
2Bolender, Bob II39026364Zuckerman, David754TWL
2Leeds, Kevin478166312Cole, David790TWL
3Cole, David43270362Hughes, Jimbeaux794TWL
3Zuckerman, David42056364Clancy, Sarah784TWL
3Leeds, Kevin438117321Bolender, Bob II759TWL